• Type of business: waist trainers & other products for women (E-commerce) 
    Duration: 1 month (2020)
    Responsibilities: consulted with the founder on strategic issues and worked with her to develop long- and short-term business goals; offered insights on transitioning the business to E-commerce from the Shopify platform.

  • Type of business: car share platform (pre-launch stage)
    Duration: 5 months (2019)
    Responsibilities: consulted with the founder on strategic issues; ran a Canada-wide contest to find the name of the startup (initiated a Facebook campaign and coordinated with a panel of contest judges); developed partnerships with Black Book, app development partners, marketing agencies, road side assistance and payment processors; attended multiple focus groups for users and technical experts; assisted with improvement of the pitch deck; coordinated with UX Developer to finalize the prototype; applied to incubators and accelerators; presented at accelerator pitches.

  • Type of business: Ayurveda / Herbalist practice
    Duration: 2 weeks (2019)
    Responsibilities: performed a market analysis to develop a business strategy for this business located in a small town in Ontario; researched landscape to find competitors; identified the customer; developed a marketing plan; performed an analysis of the website and made improvement recommendations; designed a promotional flyer.

  • Type of business: tire recycling and crumb rubber producing plant
    Duration: 1 week (2017)
    Responsibilities: development of research parameters; carried out market research on 12 existing competitors through online and phone calls; establishment of client as the sole producer of a particular grade of crumb rubber; preparation of final report, detailing research findings, fulfilling needs of the loan provider (financial institution).

  • Type of business: real estate services
    Duration: 3 months (2017)
    Responsibilities: development of website copy; idea generation for logo development; collaboration and participation in meetings with vendors in charge of graphics and website design; photography for website pictures; design of online and social media promotion strategies.

  • Type of business: job board for the skills trade industry
    Duration: 3 months (2016)
    Responsibilities: management of 4-5 people involved in the promotion through social media, SEM and other online platforms; design of online promotion strategies; data mining of collaborative partners.